Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I want to be a fan too!

So I was on facebook and something hit me in the heart hard. I noticed a trend, something I'm even a part of. On facebook you can become a fan of something (whether it be a band, a store , or one of those universal truths it seems we have). Some of the truths we find in these fan groups are funny. Like one topic I became a fan of was this "Sending an important text, then being scared to open the reply you got back." It's funny how we see these fan pages on facebook and we laugh about them. We laugh because we know its true, we have experienced it before. As I read all the different fan pages I have become a fan of, I noticed I wasn't the only one who became a fan. The number is literally in the hundred thousands (643, 788 fans for the texting page one). Something dawned on me. If something as silly as that could be true for many thousands of people, how much MORE true is it then of how much we are all in need of a God, the one and only true God? If something like being scared of reading a response someone texted us is so universal or true for so many people, then isn't the same true about our spiritual depravity or need for God? YES! Yes it is! We need God. We don't need God just for certain seasons like Christmas or Easter or when life is tough and we say a tearful prayer even though we know we haven't consider what God wanted for our lives before that moment. We need God EVERY moment, in the good and the bad. God sustains each of us regardless if we believe in Him or not. God doesn't need our permission to hold each of us up, to give each of us another day, or to give us the air we breath. God does what God pleases and He isn't wrong. How could a perfect being, a perfect God be wrong? He can't, it's impossible, it's not in His nature. It's interesting. God does what He pleases. Think about that. Seems selfish right? It's not. He knows what's best for each of us is HIM so He doesn't want to withhold Himself from us. In fact, God made a way for us to be together. He sent Jesus as a substitute for all the sin, all of the junk in our lives. But wait, God does what pleases Himself. That means it PLEASED God to send His son Jesus to be our substitute, that means God DESIRED US! What does that say about how much you are worth to Him? It says a lot. He was willing to step down as a human to pay a price for something WE were and are guilty for. How unfair that He had to do that, but He did! Take some time to reflect on this truth. Reflect on what Jesus did for us, that God desires all of us, that we ALL have a daily need for God. So why don't we join this universal truth, not on facebook, but with our lives and become a fan of what God has and is doing.


Nick Jones

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